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Hawks Ridge brings home the natural setting

Laura Severs
Edmonton Journal

They just followed the signs — literally.

The placards said Hawks Ridge. But Monika and Chris Cupido hadn’t heard of Hawks Ridge by Big Lake. So they continued driving.

“And there we were,” said Monika, perhaps not realizing at the time that Hawks Ridge in northwest Edmonton would be home to their new home. “We drove into the area and it felt like another world. It felt completely different from any other area in the city.”

Apparently, if you know the Cupidos, it’s no surprise that they would have been checking out show homes as they were that weekend.

“We were the type of couple that just loves to drive around and see show homes and check out new areas in the city,” said Monika.

But for Monika, it’s more than just about exploring what’s out there. Back when she was about eight years old, she started drawing up her own blueprints of houses and home layouts.

“I love interior design and I always like to go see what the new layouts are like and what the interior designers are putting together in show homes,” she said. “I just find it very exciting. Plus, my father and my father-in-law are both painters, too, so I’ve kind of always been around home things.”

Fast forward to that fateful Hawks Ridge trip in late 2016. When they got there they said it almost felt like they were in Canmore as the area is higher up and then slopes downward creating a valley-like feel as you head toward the lake.

By April 2018 the couple moved into a 2,001-square-foot, three-bedroom home with a walkout basement from Akash Homes, one of the community’s earlier builders.

Though named for the bird that calls this area home, the Big Lake area is also home to more than 200 different bird species and is part of Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park — Hawks Ridge, sitting on 130 acres, is right near Big Lake.

“It’s lovely,” said Monika as the couple enjoys their third year there. “I just love having the ability to just actually walk amongst nature. There’s an amazing path parallel to the forest so you have an opportunity to see woodpeckers and all different sorts of birds; it’s so calming when you hear the leaves rustling … we wanted to live in a place that has a calming feel; somewhere we would feel comfortable, somewhere we could escape to.”

And they’ve established a sense of community even though Monika notes it’s harder to do these days due to the pandemic. But Chris has a good friend that lives there, and Monika was “one of the deciding factors” in getting another couple to select Hawks Ridge. “Actually, he proposed to her on one of the paths back here after they purchased the home so I feel like it’s (Hawks Ridge) going to continue to have a wonderful feeling to it,” said Monika.

Community Relaunch

Though it dates back to 2012 when the first stage launched, Hawks Ridge, which is nestled in nature, is still growing.

“Anthem United officially took over the community from Walton Development in early 2020,” said Scott Reistad, project manager, Anthem United. “At that point, two stages had been serviced. Anthem United will pick up where they left off with the remaining infrastructure. Walton had serviced 315 lots and one multi-site, and Anthem United will develop approximately 170 lots.”

Two spaces in the community are designated for mixed use, which will provide residents with shops and services in the future. Hawks Ridge is also home to a 12.2-acre green space designated as a future school site.

To celebrate its introduction as Anthem’s new developer, there are tentative plans for a Hawks Ridge relaunch event.

“We are optimistic to host a grand opening event for Hawks Ridge this year in the fall, once Alberta Health Services guidelines have evolved,” said Cody Price, Anthem’s marketing manager.

In the meantime, new show homes will continue to debut between now and June as the community’s five builders unveil their own unique design styles.

Builders in Hawks Ridge are Blackstone Homes (duplexes), Coventry Homes (front garage homes), Impact Homes (laned homes), Jayman Built (front garage homes) and San Rufo Homes (laned homes).

Duplexes start from the mid-$300,000 level, laned homes from the high $300,000 mark and front garage homes start in the high $400,000 level.

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